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Forest Products


Issued to trucks and truck-tractors owned and used by persons for activities reasonably related to the harvesting and processing of forest products (e.g. to allow for the transport of forest products and forest product harvesting equipment.) This plate is no longer limited to trucks to transport forest and forest products from the point of severance to a sawmill, to a papermill, or to a concentration yard.

All scaled weights for a trucks or truck-tractors properly displaying forest product license plates shall be allowed a tolerance or margin of error of 10 percent of the true gross axle weight to allow for any climatic conditions.


  • Registration fees are based on the declared gross vehicle weight of the truck or truck-tractor. Gross vehicle weight is the empty weight of the truck or truck-tractor plus the heaviest load to be carried and, in the case of combinations, shall include the empty weight of the heaviest trailer plus the heaviest load to be carried.
Gross Vehicle Weight Registration Fee
0-30,000 lbs. $40.00
30,001-42,000 lbs. $65.00
42,001-55,000 lbs. $585.00
55,001-64,000 lbs. $650.00
64,001-73,280 lbs. $715.00
73,281-80,000 lbs. $815.00
Over 80,000 lbs. $890.00

Registration fees are distributed in accordance with the provisions of Section 40-12-269.

Please see the Registration File Information for other pertinent information.