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Issued to residents of Alabama who are owners of private passenger automobiles, motorcycles, pickup trucks, and motor homes of any weight.

  • A pickup truck is defined in Code Section: 32-8-2 as a truck with not more than two axles and a gross weight not exceeding 12,000 pounds. A pickup truck used for personal or “agricultural use” (Code Section: 41-14-51) shall be registered for the empty (unladen) weight of the truck only.
  • Please visit the Motor Home webpage for further information regarding Motor Homes.

Beginning January 1, 2022, a Disability Access Parking decal is available for qualified applicants. Please visit the Disability Access Parking Credentials webpage for more information.


Vehicle Type Registration Fee
Motorcycle $15.00
Automobile $23.00
Pickup truck (0-12,000 lbs.) $23.00 – 105.00
Motor Homes $23.00 – $890.00


Ad valorem tax on motor vehicles is assessed and paid in the county where the owner of the motor vehicle resides.(Code Section: 40-12-253)

May be personalized for an additional $50.00 fee.(Code Sections: 32-6-150 and 32-6-157)

Issuance Fee: $1.25 (Code Sections: 40-12-271)

Registration fees are distributed in accordance with the provisions of Code Sections 40-12-269, 40-12-270,and 40-12-274.

Please see the Registration File Information for other pertinent information.