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Issued to each trailer, other than manufactured homes, operated on the public highways of this state.

A UTILITY TRAILER is primarily designed to be drawn by a passenger car or pickup truck, including luggage trailers, folding or collapsible camping trailers, and other small trailers of similar size and function, but shall not include boat trailers. (Section 40-12-240) Utility trailers are exempt from titling (Section 32-8-31) and do not require inspection by a licensing official (Section 32-8-32).

A TRAVEL TRAILER is a vehicle without motive power, designed and constructed as a camping vehicle or a temporary dwelling, living, or sleeping place drawn by a private passenger automobile or a pickup truck, but not including folding or collapsible camping trailers included within the definition of utility trailer, nor manufactured homes (Section 40-12-240).

A SEMITRAILER is a vehicle without motive power designed for carrying persons or property and for being drawn by a motor vehicle and so constructed that some part of its weight and some part of its load rest upon or are carried by another motor vehicle (Section 40-12-240). Semitrailers are commonly referred to as “gooseneck” trailers.

Any trailer or semitrailer used by a farmer exclusively for transporting farm products to and from market or for transporting the personal property of a farmer for his or her own use on the farm shall not be subject to the license taxes and registration fees provided for in this section.

Trailers of any kind or description for hauling passengers for hire are prohibited by law and shall not be licensed under this article.

The registration receipt is not required to be retained within vehicles that are not self-propelled (Section 40-12-260).


  • A privately owned utility trailer or travel trailer, which is not operated for hire, lease, or rental, the registration fee is twelve dollars ($12).
  • For each utility trailer, rented or leased for compensation of any kind or nature, the registration fee is fifteen dollars ($15).
  • For each truck or tractor trailer or semitrailer, the registration fee is twenty dollars ($20).

Registration fees for semitrailers and rental trailers are distributed in accordance with the provisions of Section 40-12-269.

Please see the Registration File Information for other pertinent information.