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Mailing Addresses

Priority mail should not be sent to the Motor Vehicle Division physical address.

P.O. Box 327660
Montgomery, AL 36132-7660

Motor Vehicle Dealer License
P.O. Box 327643
Montgomery, AL 36132-7643

Mandatory Liability Insurance
P.O. Box 327650
Montgomery, AL 36132-7650

Motor Carrier Services(IRP & IFTA)
P.O. Box 327620
Montgomery, AL 36132-7620

P.O. Box 327680
Montgomery, AL 36132-7680

P.O. Box 327630
Montgomery, AL 36132-7630

P.O. Box 327640
Montgomery, AL 36132-7640

Vehicle Inspections
P.O. Box 327641
Montgomery, AL 36132-7641