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Tax Delinquent Properties for Sale Search

You may search for transcripts of properties currently available by County, CS Number, Parcel Number, or by the person’s name in which the property was assessed when it sold to the State.

Once you have found a property for which you want to apply, select the CS Number link to generate an online application. In the online application, enter your information as it should appear on any documents issued to you. Name changes will not be permitted. All fields are required. Once you complete and submit the application, you will receive a notice of a successful submission. A price quote will be generated for accepted applications and applicants will receive the quotes via email exclusively.

CS NumberCounty CodeDocument NumberParcel IDYear SoldAssessed ValueAmount Bid at Tax SaleNameDescription
57100003570003570406142001001.033101940140.68H&G CONSTRUCTION INCLOT 23 BLK A WILLIAMS EST SD PB 7/84 S14 T17N R29E
57100006570006570508274001025102720234.96ISSAC, MICHAEL L (ETAL)LYING IN N/2 OF NW1/4 OF SEC 27 T17N R30E BEG AT
5710001157001157-05-07-26-2-002-002105880428.87NICKERSON, BETTY & MICHAEL LS26T17R30 LOT 14 BLK A FELIX EDMOUNDS SD COM SW IN
57110005570005570505151102042115460411.77BROWN, JOSEPHLOT 25 BLK 230 PCTM (2008 OWNER-SCHLEY ANDREW (DEC
57110006570006570505224025024111880191.31CARTER, VIVIAN B & CHARLIE RLOT 15 & 16 BLK D ALSO 5' STRIP N SIDE LOT 14 MOSE
5711001857001857050614330204611760122.34JONES, JERALD DEEFRM NE INT DILLINGHAM ST & 9TH AVE S14 T17N R30E C
5711003057003057050522402901811480105.1SCOTT, MAMIE & MARY LUCILLE HPT OF BLK 314 PCTM COM INT NR/W 11TH CT & W R/W 11
57110037570037570505221101022117180517.68TAYLOR, MOTT DEC & BETTIE LEELOT 1 BERRY SURVEY IN S22 T17R30 1 5 RM HOUSE %DG
57120009570009570502091101021000012460104.13CARDEN JASON WAYNELOT 1 BLK D GOLDEN GULLATT & MULLIN SUB
57120011570011570502102007001000012940133.74CORBETT STEVEN WS 10 T 17 R30 BEG NE COR 19TH AVE & TRADITION WAY
571200215700215705052220020020000121920194.21SFS LLCPT LOT 2 BLK A CUMBAALAND HEIGHTS SD PB 1/41 S22 T
57120059570059570505154402007000012540109.07BIVENS MILDRED R & SAM WPT LOT 5 BLK 274 PCTM BEING 52 X 75 FT
571200635700635705051640160010000124500353.38A P VENTURES LLC & JENKINS ROBS16T17R30 LOT 38 IN WINDMARK SD (18/282)
571200645700645705051640160130000121500168.29A P VENTURES LLC ETALS16T17R30 DETENTION POND IN WINDMARK SD (18/282)BE
5713000457000457050516401601000013480105.72BRUNDIDGE, ZULA MAES16 T17 R30 COM @ SW COR SEC 16 E473 PB N175 W50 S
5713000557000557050522110403000013102604696.76COOK, ROBERT JAMES AND NAOMIS22 T17 R30 COM S INT 4TH ST & SEALE RD SELY 107 T
57130006570006570505211001014059131080142.74CORCORAN, CRAIG (2003 TAX)S21 T17 R30 COM SE END 26AV S530 E228 PB E183 N106
57130009570009570504174002004000132060153.66DAVIS, JUANITAS17 T17 R30 COM NE COR SE4 W850PB W185 S100 E184 N
57130012570012570502102003007000134000322.89DIXON, ALLEN R (2010 TAX)25TH ST 18TH AVE E40 N80 TO POB N120 W150 S170 E1
57130014570014570508271017005000133020262.43DIXON, ALLEN R (2010 TAX)LOT 2 BLK C FELIX EDMONDS S/D S27 T17N R30E
571300205700205705052240230170011319203156.85ELLIS, WILLIELOT 5 BLK B MOSES VINEYARDS SD
57130022570022570507262009005000136804491FINDLATER, JOHN FLETCHERLOT 4 BLK J FELIX EDMONDS SUB 809 4TH PL SO
57130024570024570508271014016000137220521.56FOSTER, CANDACELOT 66 67 BLK G IDA ROLOPH SUB
571300255700255705072620020050001344003573.65GORDON, NABATH AND SALLIE BLOT 11 BLK A FELIX EDMONDS SUB
57130026570026570507262002004000131360160.02GORDON, NABATH AND SALLIE BLOT 12 BLK A FELIX EDMONDS S/DPB 4/155 S26 T17N R3
57130027570027570505221104059000134360345.11GREEN, WILLIEEAST HALF OF LOT 1 2 3 HILLSWEST HIGHLAND
571300295700295705051630010610001322008836.75HARDMON, ROBERTS16 T17 R30 COM SW INT 9PL & 28 AVE S323 PB S54 W1
571300535700535705052240170010001320088.45INGERSOLL, MICHAEL A ETALS22 T17 R30 LOT 2 BLK 17 HILLS WEST HIGHLAND S/D
571300605700605705052240030110001320088.45INGERSOLL, MICHAEL A ETALS22 T17 R30 LOT 18 BLK 26 HILLS WEST HIGHLAND S/D
571300635700635705052240030140001328093.38INGERSOLL, MICHAEL A ETALS22 T17 R30 LOT 12 BLK 26 HILLS WEST HIGHLAND S/D
571300645700645705052240030150001328093.38INGERSOLL, MICHAEL A ETALS22 T17 R30 LOT 10 BLK 26 HILLS WEST HIGHLAND S/D
571300655700655705052240130030001320088.45INGERSOLL, MICHAEL A ETALS22 T17 R30 LOT 5 BLK 31 HILLS WEST HIGHLAND S/D
571300665700665705052240130040001320088.45INGERSOLL, MICHAEL A ETALS22 T17 R30 LOT 11 BLK 31 HILLS WEST HIGHLAND S/D
57130080570080570505163003006000132440226.65KING, TOMMIE LEES16 T17 R30 COM @NE COR OF SW1/4 S1054 PB S75 W270
57130081570081570405150011021000131860146.13LABOMBARD, MATTHEW BLOT 9 BLK A MOBILE HOMES TERRACE SEC 3
57130083570083570803084001001077131060141.51LARDAN INCS8 T16 R30 COM @SE COR SEC 8 N765 W704 PB NLY 290
57130084570084570803084001001088131060141.51LARDAN INCS8 T16 R30 COM @ SEC 8 W1870 N912 PB NE157 NLY143
571300865700865705021044040290001323207557.26LAWRENCE, TANISHA (2001 TAXES)LOT 2 BLK 184 PCTM
571300875700875705021044040620001317004961.99LOCKHART, ALMA Q & TRIM, BETTY JS10 T17 R30 PT LOTS 12 & 14 BLK 228 PCTM COM SW IN
5713009457009457050827400101900013462010185.61MT CANNON PRIMITIVE BAPTIST CHURCHS27 T17 R30 COM @ NW COR OF SE1/4 W562 S315 PB NW1
57130096570096570507262006005000136804272.39PARHAM, RAYFUS LOT 4 BLK E FELIZ EDMONDS SUB
571300975700975705051540030230001315606634.22PERRY, HENRY & LOURENDIALOT 50 X 150 FT BEING KNOWN AS LOT 16 BLK B GA WEL
57130099570099570501113302070000137220521.56RAILSBACK, GERALDS11 T17 R30 COM @SW COR SEC 11 N1630 E522 PB NWLY8
57130101570101572306230000006001139700441.27ROGERS, PRATHER & HEIRS OFS23 T14N R27E COM @NW COR SEC 23 S1202 PB SE1400 S
57130102570102570501113303034000135204020.49SELDON, JOE & MARYS11 T17N R30E COM @ SW COR SEC N799 E84 PB N111 S5
571301035701035705051522040280001332095.85SKIPWORTH, CHARLES L AND EVA LOLOTS 11 12 BLK L CRAWFORD WEST HIGHLAND SUB
57130109570109570507262009004000136805423.29TARVER, TOM & ANNILOT 5 BLK J FELIX EDMONDS SUB
57130123570123570502042001004006135260400.63TYSON, WARREN JBRIDGECREST DR SW END BRIDGECREST DR SW 272 S316 P
57130124570124570505164003073026132560234.05WADE, BRUCE IIS16 T17 R30 LOT -27 PINE HILL SD (1-27)
57130125570125570505164003073027132560234.05WADE, T BRUCE IIS16 T17 R30 LOT -28 PINE HILL SD (1-27)
57130126570126570505164003073028132560234.05WADE, T BRUCE IIS16 T17 R30 LOT 29 PINE HILL SD (1-27)
57130127570127570505151103043000131100143.98WHITE, STEPHEN EARL (2010 TAX)LOT 10 BLK A CRAWFORD WEST HIGHLANDS S/D
5713012957012957050516100805100013660116.83WHITE, STEPHEN EARL (2010 TAX)LOT 5 BLK D WA COPELAND SUB
5714000357000357050111110300700001447405899.74FRADY EUGENES11T17NR30E LOT 10 BLK 147 PCTM
571400045700045704041800000250000142620132.15MOBLEY GEORGE HARS18 T17N R29E COM SW INT CRAWFORD RD & LANEY RD RU
571400125700125704061420040420000141980150.95FOSTER CANDACE (2010 TAX0 S14T17NR29E LOT 42 BLK B MOBILE HOME EST
571400255700255705011133010950000147060511.64LOFTON MAMIE F & ROBERTS11 T17N R30E BEG SE COR OF LOT 7 BLK 159 PCTM N44
57140028570028570501113304014000014780124.56LAWRENCE TANISHA (2011 TAXES) S11T17NR30E PT OF LOT 5 BLK 173 PCTM COM NW INT 17
5714003657003657050210330400900001436204186.77EDWARDS LORIS10T17NR30E COM NW COR LOT 2 BLK 181 PCTM RUN SE10
571400385700385705021044010390000141600175.1MCINTYRE ANNLOT 7 BLK 116 PCTMS10 T17N R30E
5714004457004457050210440407400001411608226.01LOCKHART ALMA Q & TRIM BETTY JS10T17NR30E LOT 8 BLK 228 PCTM
5714004857004857050308300401000001453405185.4CORCORAN CRAIGS8T17NR30E LOT 35 CRESCENT INC (5/1190
57140049570049570505151102072000014660117.16PIERCE JACK AS15T17NR30 LOT 12 BLK 230 FORDS SURVEY PCTM
5714005057005057050515110305100001418803724.77BAILES EIRKUSS15 T17N R30E LOT 13 BLK B CRAWFORD W H SD PCTM
571400525700525705051522040180000143602490.38ALEXANDER BILLYS15 T17N R30E LOT 9 BLK TT CRAWFORD WESTHIGHLANDS
5714005357005357050515220406300001434097.44BRUNER SPURLIN JRS15T17NR30E LOT 3 BLK KK CRAWFORD WEST HIGHLANDS S
571400545700545705051533010080000142380223.18JAKES MOSESS15 T17N R30E LOT 1 BLK LL CRAWFORD WESTHIGHLAND S
571400565700565705051544010170000143920318.1HOLLIS (1/4) CYNTHIAS15T17NR30E LOT 4 BLK 272 PCTM
571400575700575705051544040080000141320115.78CACCIATORE ANGELAS15T17NR30E PT LOT 17 BLK 277 PCTM COM NE INT 12TH
57140067570067570505224401022000014620114.7REDDING PAMELA (2000 TAX SALE)S22 T17N R30E PT LOT 11 BLK 306 PCTM BEG NW COR LO
571400715700715705061433020150000141260154.14BULLOCK BARBARA AS14 T17N R30E PT LOT 11 BLK 270 PCTM COM SW INT 11
5714007257007257050614330303500001435804500.12OGLETREE FANNIE MAES14T17NR30E PT OF LOT 23 BLK 277 PCTM BEG NE COR L
5714008157008157050623220301800201419208419.65BRASWELL VICKIS23T17NR30E COM SE INT KNOWLES RD & SELAE RD RUN S
571400835700835705072630020110000141572010266.23ARNOLD JAMESS26 T17N R30E COM NW INT 6TH ST&TFONTAINE RD SW150
571400845700845705072630050100000145600421.65JACKSON PAULINE (LE) & JACKSON WILLIAM A (REM)S26T17NR30E LOT 19 BLK E SHORTER HEIGHTS SD (1/128
571400885700885705082710110050000147602892.19ANDERSON DENISE & DAVID ANDERSONS27 T17NR30E LOT 103 BLK 320 PCTM
571400895700895705082710130270000143140270.02ARNOLD JAMESS27 T17N R30E PT LOT 59 BLK 318 PCTM BEG SW COR LO
571400905700905705082710130290000141100109.23MCGHEE JOE & SUMBRY ESTELLES27T17NR30E PT OF LOT 60 BLK 318 PCTM BEG NE COR L
571400915700915705082710130300000141100144.28SUMBRY ESTELLES27T17NR30E PT LOT 61 BLK 318 PCTM BEG NW COR LOT
571400945700945705082720030100000149240646.02VAUGHN PATRICIA GS27 T17N R30E PT LOT 6 & 7 BLK D IDA ROLOPHPB (2/1
5714010457010457080828000000803801450095.28ADAMS JOHN & SHORNS28T16R30 COM NW COR SEC S3164 E1760 N100 PB W152
5714010957010957100613000001700001412640551.87CARTER MARION (LES2 IN S13 T16 R28 COM SE COR SEC13 RUN W913 NE544
5714011457011457160307000900200101431203868.82BELLAMY ROSA EILANSTS7 T15N R29E COM SE INT OLD SEALE HWY & MT. ZION
5714012257012257050515110206600001413204620.08WRIGHT ADDIES5 T17 R30 COM AT NW COR OF NE 1/4 E308 N77 PB E50
57140123570123570505152204060001014254401644.55TARIQ SHAHIDA S15T17R30 COM SW INT 11TH ST & 16TH AVE W150 TO PB
571401275701275705021022010060000141680180.03FEW CHARLIES10T17R30PT BLK 101 PCTM COM INT N R/W24TH ST & W
571401355701355705020320130230000142160209.62CORCORAN MIKES3T17R30 COM SW COR NW1/4 SEC N395 PB N163 E40 SE1
571401365701365704051500140130000148220385.63CORCORAN CRAIGS15 T17N R29E LOT 11 E SEC 7 MOBILE HOMETERRACE S/
57140137570137570502103301066000014800125.79SHELLEY DAVISS10T17NR30E LOT 28 BLK F BEN EDMONDS SD PB (1/31)
5714014157014157050515400303800001414603445.08WE INVESTMENT (2011 TAX)S15 T17N R30E COM AT SW COR OF SE 1/4 E449 N151 PB
57150009570009 57050521400601100101520088.79HOVEY JANETS21T17NR30E PT LOT 18 BLK C COLLEGE HEIGHTS SUB SE
57150012570012 5705051511020640000154120330.11TYSON WARRENS15T17NR30E LOT 16 FORD S SUR PCTM
57150015570015 570501113304026000015660117.11NICHOLSON JIMMYS11T17R30 PT LOTS 9 & 10 BLK 173 PCTM COM NW INT 1
571500185700185705052244010160000158003571.34OWENS ANNIE GEORGES22T17R30 LOT 3 MRS MARQUERITE WADDAIL S/D LOT 1 B
57150020570020 5705082720060220000152180145.81WILLIAMS RUFUSS27T17NR30E LOTS 36 & 37 BLK F IDA ROLOPH SUB PB(2
571500225700225705082720020130000158805569.26THOMAS MATTIE MS27 T17N R30E S 1/2 OF LOT 9 & ALL LOT 10 BLK C ID
57150025570025 570508271013013000015440103.57CARNES THOMAS LEES27T17NR30E LOT 11 BLK A ANDREW CARNES SUB (1/52)
57150027570027 5705082710060010000158380592.36HENRY WILLIE (ETAL)S27 T17N R30E BEG NW COR 14TH AVE S & 2ND PL S RUN
5715002857002857050522110401400001538604968.32FAISON WILLIE FLOT 12 BLK 12 JH JOHNSONSURVEY PB 2/159 S22 T17N
5715002957002957050210110201300001516804412.85LOWMAN ROOSEVELTPARCEL B OF LOWMAN PROPA REPLAT OF LOTS 16&17 BLK