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Tax Delinquent Properties for Sale Search

You may search for transcripts of properties currently available by County, CS Number, Parcel Number, or by the person’s name in which the property was assessed when it sold to the State.

Once you have found a property for which you want to apply, select the CS Number link to generate an online application. In the online application, enter your information as it should appear on any documents issued to you. Name changes will not be permitted. All fields are required. Once you complete and submit the application, you will receive a notice of a successful submission. A price quote will be generated for accepted applications and applicants will receive the quotes via email exclusively.

CS NumberCounty CodeDocument NumberParcel IDYear SoldAssessed ValueAmount Bid at Tax SaleNameDescription
57150033570033 5705072620050070000154780370.74FAISON DAVID (2009 TAX)S26T17NR30E LOT 5 BLK F FELIX EDMONDS SUB PCTM
57150035570035570506232202077000015208014956.29THOMAS WALTER LS23T17NR30E PT. OF LOT 10 & 11 IN BLK 302 PCTM COM
57150036570036 5705062322020330000153500291.94HENDERSON LONNIE & PATRICIAS23T17NR30E LOT 5 BLK 299 PCTM
57150037570037 57050614330208700001510940749.95SANDFORT DEVELOP- MENT LLCS14T17NR30E LOT 5 BLK 281 PCTM
57150038570038 5705061433020770000158340589.89DILLINGHAM DEVELOP- MENT LLCLOT 2 BLK 264 PCTM S14 T17N R30E
57150039570039 570506143302078000015769604814.17DILLINGHAM DEVELOP- MENT LLCS14T17NR30E LOT 1 BLK 264 PCTM
57150042570042 5705061433020300000151600174.98FLINT HENRY & LIZZIES14T17NR30E PT LOT 11 & 12 BLK 268 PCTM BEG SE COR
5715004457004457050522440101500001515603368.44JACKSON WILLIES22T17NR30E LOT 4 MARGUERITE WADDAIL SUB OF LOT 1
571500475700475705052211040390000158806364.18DIXON ALLEN R (2010 TAX)LOT 13 BLK 32 HILLS WEST HIGHLANDS S/D S22 T17N R3
57150050570050 5705051630010490000151140146.66WIGGINS JEANETTE & LUCINDAS16T17R30 BEG NW END 9TH ST RUN N160 E100 S160 W10
57150051570051 5705011144020790000151660178.67CORCORAN CRAIGS11 T17N R30E LOT 8 BLK 164 PCTM
57150052570052 5705051544010020000153640300.56PLEMONS WALTER R & ALICIA TS15T17R30 COM SE INT 11ST & 11 AV S329 E188 S45 W1
5715005357005357050515400403400001516605857.22RICHARDSON BOBBY V &S15 T17N R30E LOT 27 BLK A GEORGIA WELLS S/D COM
57150054570054 570502032013001000015400101.1CORCORAN CRAIGS3T17R30 BEG SW INT KIMBERLY DR & TRANQUIL LN SE52
57150055570055 5705051533010280000159560665FOSTER CANDACELOT 1 BLK N CRAWFORDS WEST HIGHLAND S/D PCTM S15 T
57150058570058 57050515220404600001526092.49HERRING HERBERT L & EVELYN ES15T17NR30E LOT 15 BLK JJ CRAWFORD WESTHIGHLAND
57150059570059 57050515220401700001518087.56HERRING HERBERT L & EVELYN ES15T17NR30E LOT 10 BLK TT CRAWFORD W H SUB PCTM
57150071570071 57050210440208200001514540971.57ABERCROMBIE JAMES M & EDITHS10T17NR30E COM NE INT OF 14TH ST & N. RAILROAD ST
57150077570077 5705021022010010000152720243.92JACKSON JUANITA MCCOYS10T17NR30E CON NE COR OF NW1/4 RUN S547 TO PB RUN
57150078570078 5705020944040050010154660363.35MCCALL REBECCAS9T17R30 PT LOTS 118&119 T TEDMONDS SD COM NW INT
57150083570083 57050111330402300001528093.72BANKS CURTIS MARIES11 T17N R30E PT LOT 6 BLK 173 PCTM BEG NW COR LOT
57150085570085 57050111330402500101510082.64BANKS CURTIS MARIES11T17R30 PT LOT 11 BLK 173 PCTM BEG NW INT 17TH S
571500885700885705011133030410000156607485.93COLE (1/2 INT) JAMESLOT 4 BLK 186 PCTM S11 T17NR30E
57150102570102 570501113303079000015420102.34CORCORAN CRAIGS11T17NR30E PT OF LOT 10 BLK 218 PCTM BEG SECOR LO
57150107570107 5705061433020860000159120637.91SANDFORT DEVELOP- MENT LLCS14T17NR30E LOT 4 BLK 281 PCTM
5716000157000157050827101308000101693807846.66ASSETS UNLIMITEDS27T17R30 PT LOTS 13& 15 BLK MSUGARTOWN COM SW END
57160002570002 5705041740020040010161620137.49BAILEY MANCE JRS17T17R30 COM NE SOR SE4 W1040 PB S100 E184 S90 W2
57160003570003 5705082730010030050162400224.24BOWDEN REALTY INCS27T17R30 BEG NW END 17AV W43 N333 E685 S308 W44 N
57160004570004 570505151103065000016220001428.93BROWN CATHERINES15T17NR30E PT LOT 5 BLK 253 PCTM BEG SE COR LOT 5
57160007570007 5705011133030440000165840435.68CATRETT RICHARD E & LATAWIEC RS11T17R30 LOT 2 & PT 1 BLK 186 PCTM BEG SW INT 10T
5716000957000957050210440110200001616609046.97COOPER JAMES S SRS10T17NR30E LOT 1 BLK 178 PCTM
57160010570010 5705021022010310000164079.19CORCORAN CRAIGS10T17NR30E PT OF BLK 101 PCTM BEG SW INT 26TH ST
57160011570011 57050522402301200001636098.86CORCORAN CRAIGS22T17NR30E LOT 14 BLK B MOSES VINEYARDS SD PCTM
57160012570012 57050522402503000101630095.17CORCORAN CRAIGS22T17R30 LOT-124 BLK-D REPLAT OF LOTS 23 & 24 BLK
57160013570013 570505154404038000016780124.67CORCORAN CRAIGS15T17NR30E PT OF LOT 5 BLK 275 PCTM BEG SE COR LO
57160015570015 570502102201002000016880130.82CORCORAN CRAIGS10 T17N R30E BEG SE INT 16TH AVE & 26TH ST RUN SW
57160017570017 57050111330402200001616086.56CORCORAN CRAIG S11T17NR30E PT OF LOT 6 BLK 173 PCTM COM NW COR LO
57160018570018 570506143302016000016700119.75CORCORAN CRAIG S14T17NR30E LOT 12 BLK 270 PCTM
5716001957001957050210440105600101613804887.3CORCORAN MIKE (2014 TAX)S10T17R30 BEG SW INT 11 CT & 20 ST W60 S119 E58 N
5716002057002057050623200200100101643006254.42CURTIS GREEN (2013 TAXES)S23T17R30 COM NE INT 7 AVE & U S 431 N530 PB N83 E
57160027570027 5705021011040100000166920502.06HALL JAMES R & MYRA JOANS10 T17N R30E LOT 9 BLK 112 PCTM
57160028570028 5705052240250250000162060203.34HARVEY WILLIE BELLS22T17NR30E LOT 17 BLK D MOSES VINEYARD PCTM
57160032570032 570505152204014000016740122.21HYERS KIMBERLYS15 T17N R30E LOT 2 BRANCH CIRCLE BLK IN CRAWFORD
57160033570033 5705051522040120000161420164.01HYERS KIMBERLY JS15 T17N R30E PT OF LOTS 5 & 6 BLK J CRAWFORD W H
57160034570034 570505152204013000016780124.67HYERS KIMBERLY JLOT 3 & 4 BRANCH CIRCLE SUB BLK IN CRAWFORD W HIGH
57160035570035 57050614330200900001628093.94JACKSON MYRTISS14T17NR30E S 1/2 LOT 35 BLK 266 PCTM BEG SE COR L
5716003657003657050614330201000301634097.63JACKSON MYRTISS14T17NR30E PT LOT 34 BLK 266 BRINSON SURV PCTM BE
5716004157004157050522401300100001668009913.58MAXWELL STEPHEN MLOTS 1 & 2 BLK 31 HILLS WEST HIGHLAND S/D PCTM
5716004957004957050417300100102301665603472.75MICHAEL CORA NS17T17R30 LOT 26 BLK A HERITAG E GLEN S/D G 71
57160057570057 5704083400000060220161000114.23PARKMAN POINT LLCS34T17R29 LOT DRAINAGE PARCEL OF PARKMAN POINTE PH
57160060570060 570505152201063000016540109.92PERDUE J.C.S15T17NR30E LOT 104 BLK I CRAWFORD WEST HIGHLAND P
57160063570063 5705051544010270000161140146.8PRICE LENORA MS15 T17N R30E LOT 11 BLK 273 PCTM
57160064570064 570508273001015000016720120.98PRICE LENORA MLOT 4 BLK F S2 ASBURY PARK S/DPB 2/192 S27 T17N R3
571600685700685705072620060020000166803911.44SMITH BRYAN MLOT 7 BLK E FELIX EDMONDS SD PB 4/155 S26 T17N R30
5716007157007157050614330200300001612603724.95TILLERY W.J.LOTS 17 18 19 & N 1/2 OF LOT 2 0 BLK 266 PCTM BEG
57160075570075 5705051522040600000161480167.7TYSON WARRENS15T17R30 COM SW INT 11TH ST & 16TH AVE W250 TO PB
57160076570076 570505153301034000016580112.38TYSON WARREN LOT 2 BLK N CRAWFORD WEST HIGH LAND S/D PCTM S15 T
5716008157008157050515400300600001612204552.26WILSON JOHN HLOT 6 BLK A RADNEY SD PB 1/112 S15 T17N R30E
57170001570001 57050111330203100001713660916.95OCWEN LOAN SERVICING LLCS11T17R30 LOT-14 BLK-115 PCTM
57170009570009 57040515001100300101726086.32GLASCOCK HENRYS15 T17N R29E COM SW INT HWY 80 & LEANNE DR RUN S1
57170025570025 5705021022040250000173680302.96EDGEWOOD METHODIST CHURCHLOT 13 BLK B ADD PARKVIEW SUB
57170027570027 5705021033010120000178900546.94STOKES SHAY MS10T17R30 PT LOT-1 BLK-174 PCTM COM SE INT SO RR S
57170029570029 5705021033020240000175720428.46HAMRICK RODNEYS10T17NR30E PT LOTS 10 & 11 BLK G BEN EDMONDS SD C
57170039570039 5705051511030360000173100267.28WRIGHT KARLS15T17NR30E LOT 17 BLK 252 PCTM
57170042570042 5705051544040370000174320342.33JONES JERALDS15 T17N R30E PT LOT 5 BLK 275 PCTM COM NE INT 13T
57170043570043 5714030800000170010178140382.12EVANS DELTAS8 T15 R27 COM SE COR SW1/1 OF SE1/4 RUN W657 NWLY
57170044570044 5705021022010050000174000322.65PRESSLEY ELLA FRANCES & DORISS10T17NR30E COM SW INT 26TH ST & 16TH ST RUN SELY2
57170051570051 570505224028001000017760123.32MILLER GEORGE RICS22T17NR30E LOT 1 & PT OF LOT 2 BLK F MOSES VINEYA
57170052570052 5705052240280020000175660424.77MILLER GEORGE R & DOROTHY WPT LOT 2 BLK F MOSES VINEYARD1 DWELLING BEING S22T
57170053570053 57050522440105000001736098.71LYLES JOHN JOHNS22T17R30 PT LOT 15 BLK307 PCTM COM NE END 19CT S5
57170057570057 570506232203013000017680118.39RUDD MARTHAS23T17R30 BEG NW INT 8AV &US431 N97 W118 S60 EPB
57170058570058 5705052240300130000176060449.38MICHAEL MARIO (2013 TAXES) S22 T17N R30E PART OF LOT 1 BLK 314 PCTM COM NW IN
5717006157006157050929200300700001724002999.15WHATLEY, JR WILLIAM JS29T17R30 COM N INT SANDFORT RD & W LINE SEC29 RUN
57170068570068 5710092900000030020171300125.36HERRING HERBERT L & JAY SHEPHES29T16R28 COM NE COR SEC 29 S1304 W1219 PB NLY 538
57170070570070 570501113301103000017460104.86CORCORAN MIKE (2014 TAX) S11 T17N R30E LOT 15 BLK 166 PCTM
57170071570071 5705021044030770020176000445.69ESTES JERRY RS10T17NR30E PT LOT 6 & 7 BLK K JW EDMONDS SUB PCTM
5717007457007457050515110307200001712602596.46GREATER GRACE MINISTRIES INC & HILL FELIX OMAR SRS15T17NR30E LOTS 10 & 11 BLK 253 PCTM
57170077570077 57050305200400402801720088.86GENTRY WAYNES5T17NR30E PARCEL A OF HICKORY HEIGHTS S/D (24/247
571800045700045705011133010560000188404810.1W E INVESTMENT (2016 TAX)S11T17NR30E PT LOT 5 BLK 156 PCTM COM NE COR LOT 5
57180010570010 57050203400501000201811460782.82COMER GERALDINE & CECILSE4 S3 T17 R30 COM SW COR SEC1/4 SEC 3 RUN N200 T
57180012570012 570502104404047000018820127.2LIPSCOMB DANIELS10T17NR30E LOT 7 BLK 223 PCTM
57180013570013 05021022010330000181740183.89WASHINGTON JOES10 T17N R30E LOT 9 BLK 100 PCTM
5718001457001457050827101308000501833203345.46ASSETS UNLIMITEDS27T17R30 COM SW COR INT 4TH ST S & 10TH AVE S W 3
57180016570016570505213003005022018600113.64FAULK BILLY C BUILDER INCS21T17R30 LOT-220 OF REPLAT OF LOTS 22 & 23 TAYLOR
5718001757001757050515110310000001811003470.12REDD (EST OF) VELMAS15T17NR30E PT OF LOTS 14 & 15 BLK 274 PCTM COM S
57180019570019 5705051544040020000181020139.52HARRIS LORENZA (EST)LOT 13 BLK 279 PCTM S15 T17N R30E
57180020570020 570505154404020000018560111.18LONG JIMMIE MAES15T17NR30E LOT 6 BLK 277 PCTM
57180022570022 5705052220070010010181480167.87SANDFORT DEVELOP- MENT LLCS22T17R30 COM NW INT 4ST & 19 AV W209 PB W115 N160
57180023570023 5705052240190070000185500415.57WILSON ANDREW HARP S22 T17NR30E LOT 2 BLK 309 PCTM
571800245700245705052240250100000184202847.33MILLER GEORGE R & DOROTHY WS22 T17N R30E PT LOT 5 BLK D MOSES VINEYARDSD PCTM
57180033570033 570506232202044000018600113.64NEVELS WILLIAMS HS23 T17N R30E LOT 3 BLK 300 PCTM
5718003657003657050623220301100001822004583.86EDWARDS R WS23T17NR30E PT LOT 7 BLK 302 PCTM BEG NW COR LOT 7
57180040570040 5705082710130350000181300156.77HUSSEY SANFORD MLOT 187 & 188 BLK 318 PCTM S27 T17N R30E
57180048570048 572401021002001001018980113.52WE INVESTMENTS S2 T14N R26E COM NE COR SEC2 RUN S881 TO PB CON S3
57180051570051 57170725000001050201820084.19CORBETT STEVEN WS25T15R30 DETENTION PARCEL ON A SURVEY OF MAPLE T
57180052570052 57160624000000500901820084.19CORBETT STEVEN W S24 T15N R29E BEG NE INT ROW EASY ST & COUNTY RD 1
571900045700045705052244010320000198040571.59HARDEN CECIL E & ROBYNELS22T17R30 COM NE INT 11TH AVE& SEALE RD NE475 PB N
5719000557000557050111440205000001913404833.28BURDITT MCMERITA & PATRICIAS11T17NR30E PT LOT 5 BLK 160 PCTM BEG NW COR LOT 5
5719000757000757050111110303000001913404024.11MOCK CLOVIS EARL & MARY MARIES11T17NR30E LOT 5 BLK 146 PCTM
571900085700085705021033010480000195060388.2BROADWATER FREDDIE & VICKIES10T17NR30E PT OF LOT 8 BLK 180 PCTM BEG NE COR LO