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Tax Delinquent Properties for Sale Search

You may search for transcripts of properties currently available by County, CS Number, Parcel Number, or by the person’s name in which the property was assessed when it sold to the State.

Once you have found a property for which you want to apply, select the CS Number link to generate an online application. In the online application, enter your information as it should appear on any documents issued to you. Name changes will not be permitted. All fields are required. Once you complete and submit the application, you will receive a notice of a successful submission. A price quote will be generated for accepted applications and applicants will receive the quotes via email exclusively.

CS NumberCounty CodeDocument NumberParcel IDYear SoldAssessed ValueAmount Bid at Tax SaleNameDescription
6800007068007068380002303800100000000020045.19BARHAM SAM LOTS D BL 27 BESS
680002126802126829003020250050000000001850158.68BURNS CLAUDE TERRELL LOT 6 BL 4 DONALDS ADD TO GRASSELLI
6800021868021868210019300002500300000074094.96BURTON J COM NW COR OF SE4 OF SW4 SEC 19 TP 17S R 4W TH E
680002676802676830003520180130000000001100114.42CARLTON ARTHUR WILLIE ESTATE OF LOT 17 BL 3 HUDSON GROVE
6800027568027568300022302501200000000050069.31CARPENTER JANET BETHEL LOT 10 BL C WEST FAIRFIELD
6800030168030168200024401001600000000030052.33CASCONE JEANETTE L LOTS 31 32 & 33 BL 7 BOOKER HGTS BENNETT REALTY C
6800031968031968380017100102200100000076085.39CHRISTON BARBARA LOT 10 BLK 373-A BESS C I & LD CO 4TH ADD TO WEST
68000342680342682100274015012000000000440130.94COLLINS JIMMY W 1/2 OF LOT 1 BL 2 W M CAPPS
6800043368043368370036200002100100000040064.79DAVIS LELA B COM NW COR NW 1/4 NW 1/4 TH S 230 FT TO POB TH CO
6800043668043668370026400004600000000088092.04DAVIS PETTIE POB SW COR OF SE 1/4 SEC 26 TSP 19S R 5W TH N 655
680004676804676838000210040210000000001480126.51DENNIS SEMPLE LOT 1 BL 5 PAULS HILL
680004776804776838000230020090000000001480128.11DIGGINS C LEON LOT 13 14 & 15 BL 3 TILLMANS ADD
6800056768056768300027202200300000000046052.99ELLIS RAIFORD LOTS 6-7 BLK 9 DONALDS 1ST ADD TO OAKDALE
6800056868056868300027202100900000000020036.69ELLIS RAIFORD LOT 19+20 BLK 8 DONALDS FIRST ADD TO OAKDALE
680005896805896829003020340010000000003480290.91ESTES LEOLA LOT 1 BLK 6 J W WILKES SURVEY SEC 30 TP 18 R 3W 5
6800063668063668210034104300300000000013901189.62FISHER EARNEST EST OFLOT 3 BL 28 PALERMO FOR TAX SALE-ALSO INCLUDES 96
680006726806726830002530310090000000004000325.65FRAZIER JOSEPHINE LOT 3 BL 1 MOSS & TAYLOR ADD
6800069568069568380007200100200200000015043.15GARRISON JAMES H & DEAN COM NE COR OF NE4 OF NW4 OF SEC 7 TP 19S R 4W TH
680007596807596830002530120030000000001260126.9GRIER YOLANDA LOTS 29 & 30 BLK 4 DOWNEYS FIRST ADD TO HILLMAN
6800085168085168380004200400800000000082069.92HENDERSON HOWARD E BEG SW COR OF LOT SD PT BEING 150 FT SE OF NE INT
680008556808556830002530070060000000001140118.54HENDRICKS EDDIE J N 40 FT OF LOT 1 BLK 22 CRESCENT HEIGHTS 6/86
6800096068096068380002301000900100000048064.9JACKSON BOOKER T & ETAL LENNEL GEORGIA BLK 61 LOT 8 BESSEMER
680009676809676838000230100090000000004740332.57JACKSON LENNEL GEORGIA BLK 61 LOT B BESSEMER
6800097868097868300012101100800100000010043.72JAMES ELIZABETH & MARQUITA HALL & REUBEN COLLINSPART OF LOT 4 BLK 9 FAIRFIELD 1ST ADD 14/77 DESC A
680009846809846838001630450030000000001740144.54JEFFERSON PEARLIE ESTATE OFLOT 6 BLK 1 W H GILLESPIE MAP
6800099868099868380016303601200000000070078JOHNSON BUD HEIRS OF LOT 4 J K EDWARDS SUB
680010096810096838001040050030000000001040110.69SIE MGBN W 5 1/2 FT LOT 18 AND S E 38.9 FT OF LOT 17 BLK
68001020681020683000211026005000000000580574.83JOHNSON VERDIE LOTS 18 & 19 BLK 3 RESUR OF DONALD'S ADD TO WESTF
6800103668103668380009403900900000000068078.34JONES SARAH RICE & RICE WALTER J LOTS 29 & 30 BLK 250 BESS
680011246811246838000440220040000000002300168.54KING PERCY LEE THE SE 33 FT OF LOT 11 2ND ADD TO DUNBAR GARDEN
6800113868113868300026400901700000000020043.47LACEY ELIZABETH R HEIRS OF LOT 32 ELLENDALE
68001155681155682900301019008000000000690177.68LAWSON AUGUSTA & ETVIR JOHN HENRY LOT 15 BL 8 TARPLEY
680011756811756838000610160010000000002640200.74LENNING NELLIE EST OF LOT 18 BL 41 BESS NORTH HIGHLANDS
680011856811856838001040050020000000001000101.36LEWIS NATHAN D & JOSEPHINE S E 42 FT LOT 18 BL 76 JAMES GILLESPIES RESUR OF
680012776812776830000740030940000000003000225.81MCKEE ROBERT W & NEVIS G & HENDRIX CHARLES B & PATSY MLOT 46 SECOND SECTOR PARADISE MANOR 21/31
680012866812866830001930040040000000001360129.98MCMULLIN JEROME II & DAVID MCMULLIN II & CHARLES MCMULLIN & SHARON MCMULLINP O B 670 FT E OF THE N W COR S W 1/4 SEC 19 T 18
6800131168131168300035100600400000000018042.42MILLER MATTIE LOT 7 BL 9 GORDON HGTS
680014356814356821003410220070000000001620119.37PACE WILLIAM LEE & BERTHA MAE LOT 6 BLK 8 PALERMO
680014536814536839003120000030000100004046.17PATE MARTHA R POB 655 FT E OF NW COR OF NW 1/4 OF SEC 31 TP 19S
6800147268147268380004100700200000000020046.79PERNELL MARY SW1/2 OF LOTS 23 & 24 BLK 526 BESS
680016686816686830003420050170000000004200317.43RESIDENTIAL FUNDING CORP PART OF LOTS 5 & 6 BLK F MAGILLS SUB 3/97 DESC AS
680019366819366829003020310150000000001080112.57REYNOLDS EDWENA LOT 3 BL 9 J W WILKES SUR
68001943681943683800023029001000000000100096.56RICHARDSON FREDERICK LEE BL 3 SLOSS VILLAGE SECTOR A
68001944681944683800023028001000000000100087.36RICHARDSON FREDERICK LEE LOT 1 BL 4 SLOSS VILLAGE SECTOR A
68001961681961683800211023003000000000100074.37ROBINSON WILLIS & ANNIE LEE LOT 11 BLK 16 RAIMUND VILLAGE
6800198568198568300022200900100000000010060.54RUTLEDGE ELEANOR HEIRS OF BEGIN AT THE W MOST PT OF LOT SAID PT BEING AT TH
680019866819866830002220140090000000001340131.73RUTLEDGE JOSEPHINE HEIRS OF LOT 10 BL 23 FAIRFIELD HGLDS RESUR OF COREY HGLDS
680021016821016838000230200130000000006036.74SMITH ROSIE N LOTS 2-3 BL 58 BESS
680021516821516830002720270100000000008039.57STERLING LIMITED INC LOT 18 BL 4 DONALDS 1ST ADD TO OAKDALE
680021546821546830003040070040000000008050STEWART TERRY A STRIP 5 FT X 333 FT LYING S OF & ADJACENT TO LO
68002159682159682900302036012000000000960103.81STONE W G LOT 5 BL 2 GRASSELLI S HGLDS
6800216668216668380009302200400000000096095.23STRONG GEORGE L LOTS 4 5 6 & 7 BLK 356 BESS
68002284682284683000362004007000000000104098.75UNION BAPTIST CHURCH LOT 3 BL 4 CRESCENT HEIGHTS
680023066823066830003510240050000000001240113.73WALKER BLOIS T & VIRGINIA J LOTS 5 & 6 BLK 23 GORDON HEIGHTS 7/1
6800233268233268300034201301100000000070070.33WARREN WILLIE SUE ESTATE OF LOT 10 BL 2 BRIGHTON LESS THE N 10 FT S FOR ST
6800233668233668300025401701700000000038061.49WASHINGTON JOSEPHINE LOT 7 BLK 1 WENONAH SUB PLAT A
6800234168234168300026302101000100000066081.11WASHINGTON SUSIE ANNE LOT 11 BLK 14 ROOSEVELT
6800235368235368380021200100600300000046082.82WEAVER AGENCY OF BESSEMER INC FROM NE COR OF NW 1/4 OF SEC 21 TP 19 R 4W RUN W
6800235468235468380002300600100000000010051.07WEAVER AGENCY OF BESSEMER INC BEG AT A PT 135 FT E OF THE INTERSEC OF E R/W OF
680024696824696838001630380030000000002290172.81WREN WILLIE C EST OF LOT 3 BESS COAL IRON & LAND COS RESUR OF BL 14 MC
680101966801966838000230340100000000012580221.08BARNES WILLIE L ESTATE OFLOT 6 BL 56 BESS
680102336802336838001540050060000000011220101.62BENNETT ANTHONY DEXTER & MONA M LOT 5 BL 1 MUSCODA SUB PLAT C
680103736803736838000540170150000000011100107.23BROWN GROVER LOT 16 BL 822 BESS LAND AND IMPROVEMENT COS 1ST A
680103766803766838000930210170000000015320413.96BROWN GROVER L & JUANITA G BROWN LOT 3 BL 300 BESS
68010389680389683000211028003000000001140097.73BROWN NATHAN HEIRS OF LOT 36 BL 1 RESUR OF DONALDS ADD TO WESTFIELD
680103926803926830003440020080000000014680332.9BROWN SARAH NE 50 FT S OF SW 156.6 FT S OF LOT 13 J H OWENS S
6801041068041068290030300100200000000174091.48BURGIN T M DEMOLITION CO INCLOT 11 BLK 15 WENONAH SUB PLAT B
680104376804376830002640090030000000011960203.67BYRD WILLIAM T OLA BELL JONES BEG AT A PT 185S FT N OF THE SE COR OF THE NE 1/4
680105386805386830003510060070000000018040.38CASSIDY RACHEL E 1/2 OF LOT 4 BLK 9 GORDON HGTS
680105706805706830002540150110000000014500353.81CHESTER LINDSEY ESTATE OF LOT 6 BLK 4 WENONAH SUB PLAT A
680106296806296838000230260130000000013860313.06COLLIER ANDRE & MOESHA M LOT 6 BL 57 BESS
680106306806306838001540100040000000012340239.46COLLINS HARRY JR LOT 7 BL 3 MUSCODA SUB PLAT C
680106806806806838000940260050000000015640442.47COWAN-DIXON MAHALIALOT 29 AND SW 1/2 OF LOT 30BLK 215 BESS
680107406807406838001610250240000000011820167.96DARNELL DAVIS LOT 9 B1 5 TENN LD COS 1ST ADD TO BESSEMER
680107926807926830003510090060000000018041.2DICKEY JAMES W & KATHRYN LOT 2 BL 11 GORDON HGTS
6801092168092168380020201004400100000120049.67FIELDS CHRIS ONEAL E 10 FT OF LOT 3 BLK 1 SAM ROMANOS ADD TO BESSEME
68010964680964683800054035004000000001110090.96FLYNN DEBORA LOT 5 BL 644 BESS LAND IMPROVEMENT COS 1ST ADD TO
68010968680968682100274008015000000001100077.4FORDS CHAPEL COL M E CHURCH OF MINOR HGTS LOTS 22 & 23 BLK 10 2ND ADD TO MINOR HGTS
680110846810846838002010010350000000011800218.43GOODSON BERNICE H LOT 12 BL 2 J B GLENN
680111826811826838000940260140000000011080116.8HALL MARTIN E LOT 6 AND SW 25 FT OF LOTS 1 AND 2 BLK 215 BESS
6801122668122668290030203900300000000140065.77HARRIS ROBERT EARL LOTS 9 & 10 BLK 2 J W WILKES
6801122768122768290030203900300100000138054.32HARRIS ROBERT EARL LOTS 7 & 8 BLK 2 J W WILKES
680113016813016830002630210030000000019180701.53HICKS REGINA LOT 5 BL 14 ROOSEVELT
680113626813626838000530120060000000011120257.27HORNE EDWARD & MABEL LOT 6 BLK 7 WASHINGTON PLACE
680114256814256830002610060220000000012830227.02INIS DEBORAH LOT 23 BL 2 GRAYS HGTS
680114286814286838000940270110000000013150252.41IRBY ANDREW & SHELIA LOT 10 & SW 8 FT OF LOT 9 BL 248 BESS
680114876814876838000320050060000000011820164.96JAMES DAISY LOT 11 BL 323 BESS
68011514681514683000263021009000000001660425.1JOHNSON BERNICE & BERNICE KELLY & ALTHA BOONE LOT 13 BL 14 ROOSEVELT
6801154468154468300016402601400000000168066.36JOHNSON MILDRED P NW 40 FT OF LOT 85 DOLOMITE VILLAGE 3RD ADD
6801155268155268370016000002700000000160070.13JOHNSON TIMMY & LATONYA E 115 FT OF LOT 8 ACCORDING TO J P COX SURVEY
68011573681573683800023026021000000001420429.26JONES HERBERT & DORITA PT OF LOTS 1 & 2 BLK 57 5/108 DES AS FOLS: BEG AT
68011575681575683800054025004000000001780225.86JONES HERBERT & DORITA SE 25 FT OF LOT 1 BL 683 BESS LAND & IMPROVEMENT
680116126816126830003040170010000100012200173.49JUSTICE POWELL LOTS 16-19 BLK 9 VINELAND PARK 2/51
680116466816466830002210190120000000011160119.3KING JOHNNY L JR LOTS 31 32 BL 3 FAIRFIELD HGLDS
68011648681648683800023021016000000001160372.43KING NATHAN JR NW 60 FT OF LOT 4 BLOCK 62 BESS
6801168768168768300021100500800000000125201120.38LATHAN MARY LEE LOT 64 DOLOMITE VILLAGE 3RD ADD
680117136817136830002710060440000000014020286.21LEONARD LINDA LOT 17 BL 3 J H MONTGOMERY
680117276817276838003030010030000100011440174.67LEWIS M E BEG AT NE COR OF NE 1/4 OF SW 1/4 OF SEC 30 TP 19
680117946817946830002730170100000000013580262.74MAHAFFEY CEDRIC LOT 42 W D BUSH SUB OF LOT 6 BLK 5 W D SMITH EST
6801179568179568210027401400200000000154064.48MAIDEN ANNETTE LOT 22 BL 11 2ND ADD TO MINOR HGTS