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TO THE STATE LAND COMMISSIONER: I hereby make application to purchase from the State of Alabama, in accordance with Title 40-10-132 to 136, inc., or Title 40-10-21, Code of Alabama 1975, the following described real estate lying in RUSSELL County. Said lands were bid in by the State at the tax sale in 2014, and stand subject to sale under the provisions of Chapter 10, Title 40, Code of Alabama 1975, at a price to be fixed by the State Land Commissioner.

CS Number


Parcel Number


Description of Property

S10T17R30PT BLK 101 PCTM COM INT N R/W24TH ST & W R/W 16TH AVE NW403'(S) TO PB N50 W150 S50 E150 TO

December 9, 2021

The name this property was assessed in at the time it was sold for taxes was: FEW CHARLIE

PLEASE NOTE: The price notice will be emailed from the following address: DoNotReply@LandSales.Alabama.Gov. Make sure that your email security software allows the receipt of these types of emails. Always check your spam and clutter folders for price notices.

PLEASE NOTE: The name you apply under will be the name in which the assignment/tax deed will be issued, as name changes will not be permitted