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Property Tax Educational Programs

The Alabama Department of Revenue provides an educational program to assure that state and county personnel achieve equitable administration of the property tax laws of the State of Alabama. The Property Tax Division education and certification program consists of professional appraisal, mapping, and other property tax administration courses.

Courses are conducted by the International Association of Assessing Officials, the Property Tax Division, and other approved instructors and professional organizations. The program is designed to enhance property tax administration and management skills and to promote professionalism in property tax administration careers. Professional designations are awarded to those applicants meeting qualifications and standards. These objectives will be fulfilled through four curricula leading to the designation of Alabama Certified Appraiser of Real Property, Alabama Certified Appraiser of Personal Property, Alabama Certified Tax Administrator, and Alabama Certified Mapper. The Support Staff Development Program provides two levels of recognition for support staff members who have met education and experience requirements. These designations were established to promote professionalism and maintain high standards in the property tax field.


Alabama Certified Appraiser: A minimum of three years of qualifying experience in Alabama appraisal procedures as of the application closing date is required for the ACA designation. Experience in other states may be submitted and will be considered on an individual basis. Experience for the ACA Real Property designation must include the full range of appraisal functions. Experience for the ACA Personal Property designation must include a minimum of 12 months field-related appraisal of personal property. A Tax Assessor with thirty-six months in office who has been actively involved in the appraisal process and has supervised the appraisal process fulfills this requirement.

Alabama Certified Mapper: The ACM designation has been restructured to continue to meet the needs of mappers in counties using manual mapping, and also to meet the needs of those using computer mapping. These changes are effective March 1, 1996. Individuals who have taken coursework according to the previous requirements have the option of continuing to complete those requirements or to choose the new curriculum requirements. The computer track examination is available only to those counties that have implemented computer mapping. A minimum of three years of qualifying experience in Alabama mapping procedures as of the application closing date is required for the ACM designation. Experience in other states may be submitted and will be considered on an individual basis.

Alabama Certified Tax Administrator: Only elected or appointed county Tax Assessors, Tax Collectors, Revenue Commissioners or License Commissioners with a minimum of three years experience in the administration of the property tax laws of Alabama may apply for this designation.

Additional Requirements
  • Successfully completing a minimum of 120 hours of approved coursework
  • Admission to candidacy after successfully completing the required coursework
  • Successfully completing a comprehensive examination on: appraisal procedures (for ACA), mapping procedures (for ACM), or responsibilities of a Tax Administrator (for ACTA.)

Support Staff Development: All support staff in the Office of the Tax Assessor, Tax Collector, Revenue Commissioner, License Commissioner and the Jefferson County Board of Equalization are eligible to participate. A minimum of three years of qualifying experience, as of the application closing date, in which the participant performs the full range of activities applicable to the office in which they are employed is required. For Support Staff Level II, five years experience in a support staff position to include a minimum of two years in a supervisory position is required.

For more information, please contact the Auburn University Government & Economic Development Institute.