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Tax Policy and Governmental Affairs

Tax Policy and Governmental Affairs prepares fiscal impact analyses on legislation, develops administrative rules, prepares annual revenue estimates, develops statistical summaries, and drafts revenue-related legislation.

General Summary of State Taxes

A concise handbook of the revenue sources (taxes and fees) currently available to the State of Alabama.

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Voluntary Disclosure

Learn about ADOR's program to aid business taxpayers with compliance through voluntarily disclosing unfulfilled tax obligations.

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Nexus Questionnaire

Determine your nexus position and tax responsibility by completing the nexus questionnaire online at nexus.revenue.alabama.gov.

Administrative Rules

Research Alabama tax rules pertaining to all taxes administered.

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Proposed Rule Changes

Check the progress of proposed legislation and rule hearings.

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Subscribe to Rule Notices

Submit your email address to receive notices about rules and rule hearings.

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Open Records Request Policy

Review the Open Records policy and get information about obtaining copies of public records.

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Revenue Rulings

Read up-to-date Revenue Rulings and find out how to request a new ruling.

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Secretary of the Department of Revenue

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Submit for Voluntary Disclosure

Access information for business taxpayers not currently in compliance with Alabama tax laws.

Practitioners' Links

Learn about rule changes and how to properly report voluntary disclosure of unfulfilled tax obligations

Rule Hearings

May Public Hearing Notice

April 22, 2022

October Public Hearing Notice

September 27, 2021