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Watch Modules Online

Business Essentials for State Taxes Seminars provide new and existing business taxpayers a comprehensive summary of Alabama’s business taxes, tax obligations, the forms required, as well as information on electronic filing and other requirements. The following modules were created to give taxpayers brief overview of what would be covered at an in-person seminar. They are not meant to replace attending, but to supplement the information given during a B.E.S.T. seminar. For a comprehensive overview of information for business taxpayers, register for a seminar today.

The following links will allow you to view the B.E.S.T. video modules on the official Alabama Department of Revenue YouTube channel. Each video is a part of a larger playlist organized by B.E.S.T. topic. You can access each video from this webpage or navigate to each video directly from YouTube once you are there. Below each video on the YouTube channel, you will find a description for the information in the video and a list of resource links covered in the module. You may check this webpage or YouTube periodically for updated content.