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Tax Incentives

The Alabama Department of Revenue administers and/or assists in the administration of Alabama’s economic tax incentives available for existing industries, expanding industries, and new industries locating in Alabama.

About the Division

Administration of economic tax incentives for ADOR is centralized in the Office of Economic Development, which is within the Revenue Commissioner's Office. This office is the point of contact for answering tax related questions and providing processes and procedures for claiming tax incentives administered by ADOR and/or other state agencies and local authorities. The following list contains summaries of tax areas of interest:

Tax Incentive Reports

Access reports about best practices, the Historic Rehabilitation Credit, Entertainment Industry Credit, and the New Markets Development Program.

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Taxpayer Assistance Publications

Find out about procedures and processes related to doing business in Alabama.

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Summary of Alabama Taxes & Tax Incentives

Read about the taxes and tax incentives offered to new industries starting operations in the state.

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Tax Incentives

The variety of tax incentives available in Alabama contributes to the state's attractiveness for business investment. Stability of the tax environment is exhibited through Alabama's Constitution and the various tax laws. Below are major tax incentives available for Alabama's Business Taxes, to include the various filing requirements and procedures for claiming the tax incentives.

Contact the Office of Economic Development

Tax incentives are administered by appointed advocates from the Office of Economic Development.

Mailing Address

Office of the Commissioner
Alabama Department of Revenue
P.O. Box 327001
Montgomery, AL 36132-7001